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Timex Introduces Innovative Smartwatch

 Aug. 6, 2014 /CNW/ — Timex, the iconic leader in outdoor and sports performance timepieces and the first authentic watch brand to enter the smartwatch space, has reached yet another milestone with the introduction of the TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+, offering consumers stand-alone wireless connectivity without a phone. Continue reading

One of Rdio’s most popular features is now free forever on iOS and Android

Now anyone can stream hundreds of personalized stations that draw from over 20 million tracks.

Now anyone can stream hundreds of personalized stations that draw from over 20 million tracks.

Oct. 3, 2013 /CNW/ – Rdio, the groundbreaking digital music service that has reinvented the way people discover, play, and share music, today announced that its new, highly personalized streaming stations are now free on mobile to all iOS and Android users. Starting today, stations are free for all users — even those whose subscriptions or trials have ended. Any user is now invited to listen to all of Rdio’s stations — drawing from over 20 million songs — at no cost through the Rdio mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Launched in August, Rdio’s new and improved stations are a culmination of Rdio’s focus on beautiful design and usability. Stations are also smarter and custom-tailored to users, creating an effortless listening experience that highlights the best of Rdio. Everyone can now listen to all of the artist, song, and 400 genre stations available on Rdio as well as You FM and Friend FM — personalized stations inspired by an Rdio user’s taste in music and likes on Facebook. Since launching in August, nearly 2.3 million stations have been created.

In addition, Rdio also announced two new features for stations:

  • Station sharing. Think your You FM is proof positive of your superior music taste? Now you can share it — and any song, artist, genre, or other type of station — on Facebook, Twitter, or with any friend on Rdio.
  • Playlist and album stations. Creating an endless stream of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) songs keeps getting easier. With the introduction of playlist stations and album stations, Rdio has more station types than any other music service in the market.

“Station plays are up over 50 percent since our launch in August,” said Drew Larner, Rdio’s chief executive officer. “We’re excited to make one of our most popular features available to everyone for free, forever.”

Non-stop listening for free on Rdio’s stations is available on Rdio for iOS and Android in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Visit the Apple App Store and Google Play to download the Rdio app today.

The World’s Most Dangerous Website

While it may be hard to believe, a genetics researcher from Canada is on a campaign to convince the public that the world is being run by royals descended from survivors of the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis. Sound impossible? Give the evidence a chance and you might join the growing number of fans of what’s being called The Most Dangerous Website in the World.

Genetics researcher Susan Maureen Brandt says she doesn’t know exactly how many people read her website every day, , because it is regularly hacked into by someone who draws pictures of giant waves and Noah’s Ark on the website’s traffic chart. “Or they’re doing one week of perfectly symmetrical zig zags, then a week of gentle curves. I think they’re trying to tell me something, but I’m so busy each day with new evidence the public needs to hear about that I just ignore it now.”

Brandt chose a free Yola website because she figured she’d be shut down for revealing, among other shockers, that celebrities marry their siblings more often than could be explained by coincidence, and that all the governments of the world are in cahoots with an ancient society of secret-keepers who use the color red and images of dragons and lions to tell the story of how they conquered the world.

But other than a few death threats, Brandt has been allowed to reveal the information unhassled. She guesses that her work contained enough innocent mistakes for insiders to peg her as a fellow insider dealing in disinformation. “I wish I’d gotten the info perfect from my first article, but I guess it’s good that readers have learned about it in increments, and I’ve been left alone because the real insiders are scratching their heads as to what’s going on.”

While Brandt’s articles and numerous press releases are controversial to say the least, she says it’s important for readers to understand that she dislikes what she’s ended up doing with her natural ability as a writer and puzzle-solver. “This is terrible information, and I’ll do anything to get it into the public consciousness. But it’s very embarrassing to do, and I’m usually sitting at the computer feeling very uncomfortable as I try yet another attempt to get the public to consider this bizarre truth might actually be true.”

The latest set of revelations published on the site are just as shocking as fans have come to expect from Brandt. “As a parent, I’m totally horrified that anyone would have to live these circumstances that are so common amongst celebrities. To not only have a baby taken away, but then have to marry it twenty years later, and be left wondering why something doesn’t feel right. I don’t know how they cope. Well, I guess it’s kind of obvious that celebrities have a hard time coping. Incest just feels wrong on every level, right into the marrow of our bones and everything our cells are designed to do. It’s no wonder they take, in some cases, any drug they can find.”

Brandt likes to make sure she gives a good explanation in every article she writes. “The first-time reader deserves to have some background on why these stars are marrying family members. Knowing that the culture of royalty began on a very isolated island paradise just explains so much. They damaged their own genetics through breeding without the control of healthy natural balances, so once they finally had to leave, they couldn’t change. They clung to the past way of doing things because their brains were so cramped up from sitting the wrong way for too long, they lacked the mental flexibility to do something new. Well, at least the ones who clung to the old ways are the ones who succeeded. Maybe there were many who just walked away and let it be.”

Brandt’s latest press release is a mix of beyond-tabloid celebrity speculation and her trademark, wandering from newsy soundbites to emotional personal revelations.

It’s reprinted here in full for the first time.

More Genetic Incest Shockers: Demi Moore is Ashton Kutcher’s Mom, Jerry Seinfeld Married His Daughter Jessica, and Michelle Obama’s Real Father is John F. Kennedy

The world of celebrities may seem modern in every way, but there’s an old-fashioned, even ancient secret lurking in the celebrity closet – their marriages are arranged according to Egyptian royal bloodlines!

Haile Selassie, who was Emperor of Ethiopia until the seventies, traced his family tree back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. It’s no coincidence that Walt Disney makes movies about the same people, because it turns out a secret government has been behind every empire and kingdom and country for thousands of years. They just pretend they’re modern!

And the proof is in the bizarre truth behind celebrity marriages. Just like Cleopatra married her brother, modern show-biz royalty are tricked or forced, or actually go willingly, into incest marriages with close family members.

While people joke that actress Demi Moore could be her husband Ashton Kutcher’s mom, she actually gave birth to Ashton when she was 16. She is known to have attended high school with rocker Anthony Kiedis, dropped out at 16 and rushed off to Europe. The shared initials between father and son, A. K., aren’t the only clue. Their faces are a close match when pictures of the two as boys are compared side by side with Demi at a similar age.

Most people would assume this was just a bizarre and random circumstance that arose from an unplanned teenage pregnancy. But Demi Moore’s got more secrets than that. Entertainment companies have always spent millions of dollars promoting her, whether her movies stink or her face is stiff with plastic surgery, because she’s a living example that the ancient royal families were real and did in fact have children, generation after generation, with their own family members.

Demi’s parents were actors Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint, who were half-siblings themselves, sharing comedian Charlie Chaplin as their secret father. Charlie Chaplin’s genes came out of the British music hall tradition, which was already heavily inbred through secret pregnancies and switched babies. Several actresses of the era closely resembled his mother, and his father is rumored to be Maurice Barrymore, who is known now to have fathered close to twenty illegitimate children who became Hollywood actors.

So the tales of Egyptian brother-sister marriages aren’t fiction to the people still ruling the world, they’re a proud family history of what it takes to succeed. Of course, it’s hard to imagine that being much consolation to a newborn Hollywood infant, perhaps even removed from her actress-mother’s womb at seven months, who is then shipped to some far-off country like Australia or Brazil and raised by strangers who claim a biological connection.

And politics is no better. In fact, some have speculated that creating politicians that the public adores no matter how much they steal and lie has been the point of the acting community since Ancient Greece. Faces, gestures, personalities, and vocal inflections were paraded before the public as heroes and bad guys, and the public was allowed to boo or cheer them on. The actors who could pull off any role and still be loved, were then chosen to sire future politicians who, it was hoped, would be able to do the same in the political arena.

Michelle Obama may have memories of growing up somewhere far from the White House, but as she has Jack Kennedy’s eyes, she was probably conceived there when the royal Haile Selassie visited a couple months before Jack’s death. And President Barack Obama clearly shows his resemblance to Haile Selassie from top to bottom, so much so that it’s a mystery who his mother was. Claims that a new computer software program have been developed that can read faces and tell who is related is untrue – it’s the human eye that can still do the job best.

As for Jerry Seinfeld, well he’s already in hot water after having it revealed that the plots of every episode of Seinfeld were allegorical depictions of Julius Caesar and his three kids, Julia, Gaius, and Lucius. The famous rye bread episode was Jerry and the other writers’ way of acting out a secret that would horrify any Christian – that Jesus was the offspring of Julius Caesar, and was just prancing about saying Eastern tidbits of wisdom to try to push for tax reform that would benefit his dad, as a teen.

But now it’s being revealed that Jerry traveled at 16 to Israel where he impregnated numerous women so that two decades or so later, he’d have himself the most attractive result as a daughter-wife, his current wife, Jessica. Their three kids match the pattern of Julia, Gaius, and Lucius, just like the children of the Cake Boss. What are the chances of two very dark-haired couples both having a dark-haired and dark-eyed girl, then a dark-haired and dark-eyed boy, then suddenly a second boy who has blond hair and blue eyes?

It happened in the Caesar family because the Caesars were typically blue-eyed blonds bred in Mesopotamia, hoping to pull off a take-over of Western Europe and its Scandinavian residents, who had long known to resist dark-haired Egyptians walking in to claim the precious metal and mineral reserves there. But the Caesars wanted all of Europe, and they wanted it controlled by a single family, so they bred with their dark-haired cousin Marius from Greece, who was also much taller and stronger than the short, bookish Caesars.

And that’s why, when Julius Caesar married his wife, the child of his aunt and Marius, the first two children were dark. But when those children as teens had a child of their own, he was named Lucius because he had blond hair and blue eyes. This meant he and his siblings, and his many close cousins, aunts, and uncles, could now rule a huge territory and appear native everywhere from India to Finland. In a single, highly inbred family.

The family didn’t just gain land through doing this, they also spread a new, updated version of Judaism, called Christianity, after Kristos, the ritual of covering dead Egyptian kings with plant-based chemicals so their bodies wouldn’t rot, and the Caesars spread Christianity, a mix of fable, truth, and paralyzing hypnotics, all over their newly expanded kingdom. And they never fell. Look at the calendar, at the days of the week, at your drinks and salads. And, most of all, at your tv shows. Why are big-nosed, short, bald, angry men such a common type of character? Because they’re symbolizing Caesar. Characters like this typically are shown killing women who represent Caesar’s daughter Julia, or doing other things he is known, by the insiders, the secret keepers, the Brotherhood, to have done.

And Jerry Seinfeld, the secret son of comedian Lenny Bruce, is one of those. Well, I suppose perhaps it was Larry David who knew the secrets and encoded them into the show, and Jerry just thought it was funny and added more of the touch of a normal guy who didn’t know Caesar from coleslaw. But it’s not likely. He has gone on to write and produce many projects that all bow down to the Atlantean Brotherhood, and push its agenda.

And beyond getting celebrities to marry their own children or close family members, what is that agenda? Well, take a long look back at history. After a group of North American natives traveled by boat to the Atlantic Ridge, then a long Hawaii-like chain of islands running down the length of the Atlantic Ocean, there was no turning back. The paradise of abundant fruit and fish and eggs meant they no longer had to work together to gather food, or carefully work out sharing a limited food supply with each member of the community. And that meant that there was no longer a safety valve keeping the group from becoming lunatic egomaniacs.

After tens of thousands of years, there was apparently some sort of climate change, because it’s written into their legends, which they’re reenacting, or trying to, right now. The climate heated up suddenly and so much that the island paradise grew hot and dry and bare. This is when they began creeping into other lands, looking for a replacement paradise. Europe seemed the best idea (as the powerful natives of North America already controlled North and South America), but the natives of Europe, now ridiculed as Neanderthals, were a tall, strong, attractive race with very strong social bonds in their modest communities. They could overpower the small-statured Atlanteans, but it wasn’t in their nature to launch a widespread attack.

So bit by bit, the Atlanteans managed to infiltrate Europe, and even began breeding with the blond giants there. A few offspring survived, despite the genetic damage tens of thousands of years of isolation on Atlantis had caused. When Atlantis finally ruptured and crumbled into the sea in 10,000 BC, due to shifting continents freed up from the weight of the ice age, now melted back into the sea, the Atlantean survivors, whether they’d been in boats or were still lurking around Europe, began a new plan.

And that is what passes now for human civilization, their plan to continue incest marriages and secrecy and violence and theft, until they had claimed not just a replacement island paradise, but the whole world. And they would no longer be hated and fought off, but welcomed travelers in every land. Of course, it helped that part of their plan was to begin interbreeding with a few healthy, attractive, intelligent members of other races, until their Mesopotamian breeding cities were full of multi-colored cousins, who were then sorted into tribes by appearance, and given their own costume and new language, and sent off to a variety of locations where they were to hide all evidence of what had just happened and pretend, instead, that the gods had just created the world.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that everything in the past ten thousand years supports this idea. I certainly didn’t set out looking for such a bizarre and disgusting truth when I innocently followed a thought that popped into my mind and googled ‘Who invented hell?’

They did. Yes, they certainly did.

Early detection is the key to increasing

The early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are very important to know. Early detection is the key to increasing your chances of survival and getting the necessary treatment for increasing the success rate of cancer treatment. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive and deadliest forms of cancer. No cancer is friendly or forgiving. Most adults would agree it is a terrifying word to hear.

Once you notice changes in your body pay attention to differences and read on to learn about the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are a loss of appetite, abdominal pain, weight loss, excessive vomiting and nausea. A loss of appetite is often the earliest of the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer. If you have notice any unexplained losses of appetite see your physician for medical advice. The doctor can order a pancreatic cancer screening if they feel it is warranted.

Next, take note of any abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can arise from many conditions, certainly not just symptoms pancreatic cancer pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer however is generally characterized by a dull ache in the lower abdomen that radiates backward toward the spine. Whereas some abdominal pain decreases with lying down, pancreatic cancer pain may increase with lying down. One can also experience abdominal pain before or after mealtime.

Be considered if you have excessive vomiting that does not have an origin or does not go away on its own in a matter of days. You may experience a feeling like you want to vomit but won’t. This is an equally important symptom as the vomiting. All of the above stomach issues mentioned is going to lead to obvious weight loss. The combination of the early symptoms will lead to other, more lengthy symptoms if not detected and left untreated.

It is vital to immediately report darkened urine or lightened stool. Also, observe for signs of change in bowel movements or diarrhea. These may be signs that your body is having difficulty digesting and absorbing food because of the damages done by cancer to your pancreas. It can also signal dehydration or complications with your other organs communicating with the pancreas. Doctors will often request a urine specimen to confirm or rule out a serious medical condition.

Jaundice is another of the early symptoms for pancreatic cancer. Watch for yellowed skin and eyes. Pancreatic cancer can cause increased levels of bilirubin in the blood which leads to the symptoms of jaundice. Yellowing often shows most clearly in the whites of the eyes. Be sure to consult with a physician regarding jaundice and consider getting specific blood tests done for pancreatic cancer screening.

To be aware of the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer watch for a generic sense of illness. symptoms of pancreatic cancer in men A vague and even gnawing sense that you just do not feel right can accompany early symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Please do not write these feelings off as sometimes low level nausea, fatigue, or general pains can be an early sign of pancreatic cancer. Don’t second guess your body. It is better to see the doctor and later be reassured than to ignore it and realize you’ve lost the narrow window of opportunity for treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers pancreatic cancer symptoms in men to identify early, and therefore one of the most deadly. Usually cancer has spread in the body by the time symptoms are bad enough for the patient to see the doctor. Knowing the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer can greatly increase the chance of success and increase treatment options if the early symptoms of pancreatic cancers are recognized. Pancreatic cancer is a constant struggle with symptoms day in and day out. The more knowledge you have regarding the warning signs it may save your own life or someone you love.

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Smartphone Users Expect to do Banking from Mobile

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With mobile banking expected to become a bigger trend in the next few years, a new survey from ING DIRECT finds that nearly half of Canadian smartphone users (49%) expect to do banking from their mobile device in the next 12 – 24 months. This number grows to 64% when looking at those aged 18 – 34.

"We know that as the mobile marketplace continues to expand, mobile banking is set to become a more popular option for Canadians. While online banking has and continues to be a convenient option, Canadians want easy access to their money at any time, wherever they are," said Peter Aceto, President and CEO at ING DIRECT Canada. "The appetite for mobile banking among Canadians is growing. Our clients have performed over 200,000 mobile fund transfers and 1,000,000 balance inquiries over the last 18 months. Our mobile apps see 2,000 downloads a week, and that number continues to rise."

Who's using mobile banking?

35% of Canadian smartphone users have done banking on their mobile devices in the last 12 months. 53% are 18 – 34 years old, compared to 38% of those who are 35 – 54 years old and 12% of those aged 55+.
66% of those who've done mobile banking in the last 12 months have used their bank's mobile application vs. 34% who simply use their smartphone browser to access the bank's website.
2% of Canadian smartphone users indicated they primarily conduct their banking transactions using their mobile devices.
Despite the promising uptake of mobile banking in the last 12 months, nearly two-thirds of Canadian smartphone users (65%) still aren't on board. When asked why they haven't used mobile banking, a majority (56%) said online banking suited them just fine while one in five Canadians (21%) said they prefer other methods of banking (in person, ABM, telephone, etc.) A large number of respondents, 40%, said they had security concerns about using their mobile phones to do banking. Of all respondents, 64% said security is their biggest concern about mobile banking.

"It's not surprising that security is one of the biggest concerns given that the popularity of mobile banking has only recently started to pick up," said Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer at ING DIRECT Canada. "The fact is mobile banking applies the same stringent security measures as traditional online banking websites."

For smartphone users who have used mobile banking in the last 12 months, the most common mobile banking functionalities used include: checking account balances (63%), paying a bill (19%), transferring funds (15%), emailing money (2%) and buying and selling mutual funds (1%).

"ING DIRECT's mobile banking apps make carrying out these functions very simple," said Kithulegoda. "A new feature called Orange Snapshot for mobile allows clients read-only access to their accounts if they simply want to check account balances without having to log in. Our new Interac e-transfer option not only allows you to send money instantly to a friend, but also provides you with the ability to add a new payee right from your mobile device."

Despite the ease and convenience of mobile banking, Canadians who are already using mobile banking apps still have a wish list of functionalities they'd like to have. Topping the list is the ability to make mobile payments using their smartphones (31%), the ability to add a payee (27%), personal finance management/budgeting tools (19%) and the ability to live chat with a bank associate (17%).

ING DIRECT's suite of mobile apps now include a six-sided virtual cube that displays rich content and provides clients with another opportunity to interact with the bank. By simply touching the cube on a mobile device, clients can consume the content they're most interested in, whether it's viewing current rates, getting more information about a product or service or taking advantage of new promotions.

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